We have another season of great Alabama short stories that you may not have learned about in your Alabama Civics class or read in books. 

We have stories about the inventor of the typewriter and the Janney coupler used on trains. Both men were successful in their own ways, and they came from entirely different backgrounds.

I tell stories about a man who spent his life on the highways of the south painting on barns and another man who spent a big part of his life building the largest stack wall in the world to honor a relative. 

There are stories of Alabama’s only United States vice-president and a band director who taught and influenced some of the most renowned musicians of the past century. 

We have a story about a Canadian hockey player whose major milestone will be forever linked with the football capital of the south. 

And finally, there are three stories on the same mountain. One story is about going through the mountain instead of going around it. Another is about Vulcan’s famous popsicle that would be lit in green or red depending upon the day’s events. And there is the story of The Club at the end of the world. When you are faced with the apocalypse, it’s time to party. 

I hope you will join me for season 2 and if you haven’t heard season one just yet, make sure you listen to those stories as well. You can listen to the podcast at or wherever you prefer to listen to podcasts. I’ll see you at Alabama Short Stories.



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