Hey, this is Shawn Wright, the host of the Alabama Short Stories podcast. I am happy to announce that season 3 of the podcast is almost here.

There was a great response to the first two seasons, and this upcoming season will not disappoint. It’s ten  episodes of extraordinary people, state icons, unique events, and questions that need to be answered.

We tell a story about the bright lights of Hollywood coming to Mobile to film the story of a toddler kidnapped by aliens. Then there is a story about a man from Anniston who moved to New York City and turned the lights up on the Great White Way.

Another woman left Anniston, learned to fly, and decided that if Charles Lindbergh could fly across the Atlantic, why couldn’t she? We find out if she made it or not.

We tell about an outbreak of cholera that prompted over half the citizens of the newly incorporated Birmingham to move away. You will learn about a famous madam who, with other women of the night, stayed behind to care for the sick, Ultimately saving the city.

We tell the story of a fancy elephant in Birmingham’s Avondale neighborhood, stars falling on Alabama, and the town that made the first 911 call. It had to happen somewhere.

We finish the season by answering lingering questions, such as: “How did the USS Alabama get to Mobile?” “How did that town get it’s name?” And “if I park my car next to the kudzu patch, will it be there when I return?”

You can hear these stories soon, wherever you like to listen to podcasts or on the website at

But wait, there is more! I am proud to announce that the book “Alabama Short Stories, Volume 1” will soon be available on This book features all the stories from seasons 1-3 with photos. The book will make an excellent gift for that Alabama history buff in your family, and your purchase will help us to continue to share great Alabama short stories with you.



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