Hi, my name is Shawn Wright, the host, and creator of Alabama Short Stories. The podcast that was created to celebrate those stories about Alabama that you don’t hear about often, if ever. They are the stories that were not shared in your fourth-grade civics class.

In the first season, we share two different stories of Alabama high school sports teams that had to overcome obstacles on their way towards a state championship. One team gets there and another doesn’t.

We tell the stories of two distinct painters in Huntsville. One trained in Europe before making his way to the American south while another spent her life in anonymity painting on spider webs.

In Birmingham, one company starts the first radio station in Alabama while another decides it can best promote its company with a replica of Lady Liberty.

We talk about sending monkeys into space and having to watch out for objects returning from space. And we talk about the windshield wiper. You can thank a woman from Birmingham for helping us see our way.

To start it off, we tell the story of University of Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryant and a call to his mama.

Join us to hear these stories in season one of the Alabama Short Stories podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to Podcasts. You can also listen on the website at



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